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Thesis paper for academic degrees, including title page, acknowledgements, and quotes page. This set includes a detailed title page with university seal and publication information, a page for acknowledgements, and a thank you page in scripted writing.

This is a better version of the first Diploma/Bachelor/Master Thesis. I created it with Pages 2 as the first one too, so I guess that Pages 1 won't open it, maybe we can find a work-around some time. Changes are: 1.1 I changed the text parts into either German or pseudo-Latin, so that the person of which I copied the layout won't be angry 😉 1.2 I changed the fonts used, since I for my part need a lot of special character for writing Arabic transliteration. I now use the beautiful Hoefler Text for text and Lucida Grande for headings 1.3 I made a double-sided version of it 1.4 Finally I added a bibliography section which is practically the same as in the Apple template for scientific articles, since I find it very nice.

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