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Text-based thesis paper template with cover page and acknowledgement. This set includes a cover page with title, image, author, and organization information, as well as a brief acknowledgements page and properly formatted body pages for abstract and main content.

This is a Pages template of the maybe nicest diploma thesis that I have found on my political science institute so far. The thesis itself was written with LaTeX but as for myself I do not find LaTeX very comfortable. It manages to make very nice layouts though - especially compared to the usual Times New Roman-diploma thesis that 98% of political science students in Vienna use (unfortunately!). It does not yet contain a contents section as good as in LaTeX, so you have to care for it a little bit. It is designed for text-based subjects, such as philosophy, political science, sociology, history etc. and I do not know how good it would be for a work in natural sciences. Have fun and help me improve templates by giving me some comments about them!

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