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MLA style paper with works cited and example references. This template includes a straightforward MLA body with course information and title at the top, running header, and a works cited page with instructions for references.

The other MLA Style templates appeared out-of-date, so I prepared this one. Bear in mind that it is for 2009 MLA Style, so double-check to make sure that it is not obsolete before using. This is designed to simplify the formatting process and offer some limited writing guidance. The placeholder text explains what should be put in its place, and there should be no need to alter anything else. There is no guarantee that it will be perfectly suited to every paper. If you are a university student, I encourage you to take full advantage of all of the resources available to you including your writing center. The Purdue OWL is a terrific tool to use for all your writing related questions. If you have questions or problems with the template or MLA style, please leave a comment.

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