Blank notebook paper that is college-lined and topped with date. Pages in this template offer classic college ruled spacing, a red left margin, and blue guidelines.

Similar to the old college ruled notebooks. Inspired by Microsoft Words "Notebook." I really liked that Word had that and I wished that Pages had that so I made a template that would do it. It's the perfect template for school, writing notes, or whatever else you need to write on lined paper. Enjoy.

Blank Sheet of Lined Paper

This template is easy to use. Simply download it and open it in Pages to use as your wish. Many times for design or for simply taking notes having a standard college ruled paper template can come in quite handy. Print the paper and write on it!

Lined Pads and Personalized Lined Notepads

I used to work in a copy shop and people would constantly come in asking for writing pads to be made. Use this template to make a personalized notebook paper pad as well. Just print off 25 - 200 (or more) sheets of paper exactly as you would have them. Go to your nearly copy center and they should be able to turn them into your own personalize notepad. This is a great idea for gifts.

Template Notebook Paper

Use this template to make your own custom templates! That right you can extend this template to make it more than what it currently is. Create notes to on a subject to give to your class. Create a task list for common projects to give to your employees or your wedding party. Use this template to make more templates in a really fun way.

Lined Paper Background

This might be my favorite idea. Use this template as a background for another document. Create a back to school flyer with lined paper as the background.

Lined Paper Template to Type on

That's right. Since this Template uses the lines as a background, you can easily type on top of the lined paper. This is a huge advantage over other paper templates.

There are 100s of uses for this College Lined Notebook Paper Template for Pages. Whatever you come up with make sure to share it with your iWork Community.

Blank College-Lined Note Paper Template for Pages