Basic 10-up business cards are compatible with label 5371 templates. This set offers room for a personal photo on the right side, a name and professional title on the left, and contact details across the bottom of the card.

Avery offers many different products for the 5371 base template. They are the same template only packaged differently based on quantity, paper size, and paper type. Here is a list of Avery 10-up products that are compatible with this template.

8877 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 400 cards, InkJet - BESTSELLER
28878 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 90 cards, InkJet
8871 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 200 cards, InkJet
8870 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 1000 cards, InkJet - BEST DEAL
5371 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 250 cards, Laser
5911 - Matte White, Clean Edge, 2500 cards, Laser

A template for easily found label 5371 10 per page business cards. Create the cards in another graphic document (or w/ any editable bus. card template here), group the resulting card elements into one group, copy and paste into each selected (yellow) box in the template. Make sure with the Graphic Inspector you have selected Image Fill->scale to fit or ->scale to fill. Then you just paste into each box. Prints perfectly 1st time. Was originally a label MS Word template, most of which BTW you can import into Pages (but .doc, not .dot). View in "show layout" to see invisible card borders. Enjoy.