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Slim DVD case insert with colorful pastel background and Easter accents. This template includes a front cover with image of dyed eggs and a title and date, a back cover with a description and thank you to sponsors, and crop and fold lines around the edges.

I created this Pages template for an Easter Party slim DVD insert (Memorex SLIM DVD Cases). The template includes drop zones and placeholder text to easily add your own content as well as trim lines to cut after it prints. Includes fun Easter Egg clip art to move, scale and rotate at will. *Just a note: The background gradient is locked so that it does not move while working on the design. If you'd like to change the color, simply select the background and go to "Arrange" menu -> "Unlock". Then you are free to change the color in the inspector. This template is NOT for a standard DVD case which has a thicker spine. Enjoy!

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