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This template comes with two versions.

Version one

I have created an auto populating spreadsheet for the upcoming World Cup Finals in Russia. There are eight spreadsheets for the Group stages and a play-offs spreadsheet for the knockout rounds, 3rd Place Playoff and the Final. All you have to do, is to put in the scores and it should do all the rest for you working out Wins, Losses and Draws together with Goals for and against and the goal difference. When the Group Stage is complete, refresh the filter to get the top two teams to auto populate into the play-offs. I would very much appreciate any feedback as it can be opened on a Mac, iCloud or any iOS device!

Version two

A minor revised version of a to-date-as-of-posting template offered by another uploaded. With each tweak in editing, something broke, needing me to correct my own errors.

Major edits with locations, missing matches, and correcting mis-matched lead-in match results.

Along with minor edits are change in color scheme out of personal aesthetics. I added a few bits of information to make calculating rank evident.

In the final round of 16, added auto-fill based on Group rank calculated in Group sheets.

(At the time of uploading, the errors — red triangle icon, is intended because necessary information has yet to be determined.)

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