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Weekly worksheet for financial planning with color-coded sections. This worksheet includes weekly carryover amounts, 6 categories of income, 23 categories of expenses, budgeted versus actual expenditures, weekly net gains, and monthly overviews.

Personal finances have highs and lows, even within each month. While most spreadsheets or programs tell you how much you have left in a given month, they don’t tell you if in week 3 of a particular month you will have enough to cover a particular expense or bills. With this spreadsheet, you will have the most accurate personal financing system. The benefit of this system versus the next is that it will tell you EXACTLY how much or little you will have for every week, even months out in the future. Review each cell that has a Orange Corner in it. The eight comments provided will explain exactly how to use this document. For further clarification, comments, or other questions, email me at: gpujic@gmail.comThanks, Goran PS> All numbers have been altered for my privacy.

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