Basic theatre script that includes title page and cast note pages. This template includes preformatted layouts with act divisions, stage directions, and dialogue cues that are automatically formatted.

This is a very scaled-down version of a Final Draft-type script template. On the cover page you simply select and replace the information with your own; on the Cast of Characters page there is a formatted structure to make a list (copy the Name & Description as many times as needed). Finally, on the third page the script is ready to go. There are 3 function buttons (F1, F2, F3) that coordinate to Character Name, Dialogue, and Stage Directions. When typing a character name, the name is spelled automatically in caps; when you press 'Return' the style goes straight into dialogue automatically. It isn't as complicated or as thorough as Final Draft, but it has saved me a LOT of time. Hope you can use it and benefit from it.