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A worksheet designed to measure remaining funds between paychecks. This template includes day-by-day bill measurements and expected balances in between paychecks, along with a graph with an overview for the year.

See how much of your paychecks are needed to pay those monthly-recurring bills on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis! Simply enter your monthly-recurring bill payments into the "Daily Entries" Sheet. Then go to the "Summary" Sheet and enter a "Starting Paycheck Date". The template will generate a paycheck schedule for your next 35 bi-weekly payday's, with the amount (of each paycheck) needed to cover your bills until your next paycheck. Use this tool to balance your payment schedule, plan your expenses, and eliminate those accidental overdraft fee's that occur when that perfect storm of bills falls on an unsuspecting pay-period... now we can see it coming and do something about it!

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