Reading lists for 10-chapter-a-day Bible reading plans. Templates include ten color-coded lists with checkboxes for content, with instructions for readers to read one item from every list each day.

Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan

It's not really a plan per se. It's more of a system. If you are looking for a Bible reading plan that simply starts in one place and ends in another, this is not the plan for you. This template is based on the popular Bible reading plan by Professor Grant Horner. Like I said earlier, it's less of a plan than it is a system of reading the Bible. We have systems for everything now-a-days why not for reading the Bible?

Well, this system was developed by Professor Grant Horner of Master College and Seminary in Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario. The idea is simple. Read 1 chapter per day from each of the 10 lists in the template. Now, do all the lists have the same number of chapters? No. When you finish one list - you start it over. Professor Horner says that you shouldn't read slowly, look up cross-references, or really study it per se. It's about letting the scripture sink in. After you've completed a book, reading it again you'll be able to read it much quicker and you will start seeing the themes in scripture jump off the page.

Getting Started Reading 10 Bible Chapters per Day

The beauty of this system is that you never read the same 10 chapters together again. You will see the Bible commentating on it self like you never have before. It will probably take you an hour per day when you get started. However, as you get going and start repeating lists the time it takes to read a book will go down to around 35-40 minutes per day. If it's taking more than an hour to read your list you are doing it wrong, relax, give yourself a break and read. Try not to get hung up on every word or sentence. It's about completing the reading and letting the Holy Spirit illuminate the scripture for you.

Download this template today and get started reading 10 Chapters of the Bible per day.