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iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, consisting of Pages (a word processor), Keynote (presentation software), and now Numbers (a spreadsheet app). These applications are phenomenally designed (in our opinion), easy to learn, and efficient to use. iWork is built around the use of templates – and the templates provided by Apple are great! But we felt there would be a strong demand for more; so we set up this site to allow the community of iWork users to share what they have created.

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Submitted by mariez141 over 5 years ago
A policy memo format
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Submitted by drjohn over 5 years ago
This is a weekly calendar showing hours of the day and days of the week. Useful for scheduling.
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Submitted by GtG1 over 5 years ago
I needed a 2012 Calendar for Pages, couldn't find one, so I created one. It's my first attempt, so please provide some CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.
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Submitted by RishiS almost 6 years ago
We recently flew into Lisbon and drove to Seville, then Faro and along the coast in the Algarves and back to Lisbon for our flight out. This really helped us organize our trip and to stay on top of all of our reservations while driving almost 1500 kms and enjoying the sun. I hope you find it helpful, it includes space for the flight info, car rental details, destinations, and hotel information.
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Submitted by SMcEnaney almost 6 years ago
This is a very scaled-down version of a Final Draft-type script template. On the cover page you simply select and replace the information with your own; on the Cast of Characters page there is a formatted structure to make a list (copy the Name & Description as many times as needed). Finally, on the third page the script is ready to go. There are 3 function buttons (F1, F2, F3) that coordinate to Character Name, Dialogue, and Stage Directions. When typing a character name, the name is spelled automatically in caps; when you press 'Return' the style goes straight into dialogue automatically. It isn't as complicated or as thorough as Final Draft, but it has saved me a LOT of time. Hope you can use it and benefit from it.