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iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, consisting of Pages (a word processor), Keynote (presentation software), and now Numbers (a spreadsheet app). These applications are phenomenally designed (in our opinion), easy to learn, and efficient to use. iWork is built around the use of templates – and the templates provided by Apple are great! But we felt there would be a strong demand for more; so we set up this site to allow the community of iWork users to share what they have created.

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Submitted by gastonmieres over 2 years ago
a template with french margin for drama writing
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Submitted by Seliphie about 3 years ago
Here is your basic travel itinerary template. As a bonus, this template provides you with a separate travel budget table.
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Submitted by AceTroublshooter about 3 years ago
Just a basic easy to use Address book template for those of us that still like paper address books
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Submitted by chbrooking over 3 years ago
These templates will allow you to paste text into a booklet that, when printed 2 sided (short edge binding), you will be able to fold, and the leaves of the booklet will be properly laid out. As a pastor, I paste my sermon notes into these booklets each week, and hold them in my Bible with a rubber band. It works beautifully. BUT ... it won't work with the new Pages ... only the old ones. Apple deprecated the ability to connect text boxes. :(
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Submitted by [email protected] over 3 years ago
An expanded version of my previous recipe template. http://www.iworkcommunity.com/content/full-page-recipe-template. A letter size template for recipes. Includes sections for Instructions, Ingredients, Tools, Variations, Pairings, and Notes. Footer includes a line for recording a source or credit to creator. Inspired by the Recipe Full Page Template by brucegxyz (http://iworkcommunity.com/content/recipe-full-page-template). Note: this version was created with Version 5 of Pages that was introduced with Mavericks. The previous version of this template was made with an older version of pages. If you run into any compatibility issues, try the previous version first.