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Submitted by luiscoentro over 8 years ago
PT: Calendário auto-actualizável (basta mudar o ano da capa). Inclui ainda lista de feriados nacionais fixos e móveis e feriados municipais das sedes de distrito. EN: Mensal calendar
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Submitted by jaxjason over 8 years ago
My company used to supply us with very useful little calendar strips that stuck to the bototm of the monitor. Now that there are bad times, they have stopped and I made my own.
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Submitted by BrotherPhil almost 9 years ago
This is a great worksheet for your basketball team that you can print out, take to the games, tick off the shot attempts and made and then take the info, plug it into the spreadsheet file, and have automatic individual and team calculations of free throw, 2 point and 3 point percentages.
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Submitted by luiscoentro almost 9 years ago
Correcção do calendário escolar
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Submitted by luiscoentro about 9 years ago
Calendário com o ano lectivo (actualiza automaticamente) incluindo lista dos feriados nacionais (fixos e móveis) e municipais (sede de distrito) para cada ano lectivo; School year calendar (auto update).