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iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, consisting of Pages (a word processor), Keynote (presentation software), and now Numbers (a spreadsheet app). These applications are phenomenally designed (in our opinion), easy to learn, and efficient to use. iWork is built around the use of templates – and the templates provided by Apple are great! But we felt there would be a strong demand for more; so we set up this site to allow the community of iWork users to share what they have created.

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Submitted by Chris.Tollins about 7 years ago
Here is a log for safe food handling temperature in a fridge or freezer. Please Note: These are standards set by Canada Public Health. The standards may vary from country to country (ex. Canada states food must be kept at 4℃ in a refrigerator where India is 8℃.)
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Submitted by porcupine8 over 7 years ago
Sheet 1 allows you to record your daily temperature and any notes on conditions that might affect your temp, and automatically charts it. Sheet 2 shows this same chart using the data from 1, and gives you space to record information about your cervical fluid and position and view it aligned with the temp chart.
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Submitted by pukey over 7 years ago
Know where you stand this holiday season with this handy 'Christmas Holidays Gift List and Tracker' List all your gifts and prices, and set a budget. Print off to take shopping. Or if you shop online, the Info sheet shows you how many packages you still need to buy or waiting for delivery.
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Submitted by Allmec over 7 years ago
A Simple Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet, This is the $ version.
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Submitted by Tuvok over 7 years ago
This sheet can help you to register your worktime per task. You can add additional months.