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iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, consisting of Pages (a word processor), Keynote (presentation software), and now Numbers (a spreadsheet app). These applications are phenomenally designed (in our opinion), easy to learn, and efficient to use. iWork is built around the use of templates – and the templates provided by Apple are great! But we felt there would be a strong demand for more; so we set up this site to allow the community of iWork users to share what they have created.

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Submitted by BlackCherry over 8 years ago
Considering the circumstances, I thought this might be useful for anyone looking for work. Its leans towards the UK in style, not only taking into account our anti-discrimination laws but also what is considered unnecessary information socially. Please let me know what you think!
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Submitted by kristarella about 10 years ago
A modification of the modern resume template to suit a more CV format. (This was my first attempt at a template, please let me know if there's something wrong or needs improvement.)
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Submitted by drosboro about 12 years ago
Here is my resume converted into a pages template. Feel free to give feedback.
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Submitted by drosboro almost 13 years ago
Slight deviation from the included classic resume template. Provides a much cleaner look.