Business Accounting
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Submitted by Mothage 10 months ago
I created this to replace my various accounting software that were always too confusing, cumbersome and expensive! This is a simple template that will allow you track business expenses and then look at a fancy pie chart for a breakdown of the various business expense categories. I use one tab per month (so you'll need to duplicate tabs). You have to manually enter the ending balances from the previous month to a new month. The columns on the far right for "Taxes" are my way of keeping "pockets" of designated funds within my same bank account. So I know that out of the total balance $xxx is set aside to pay Uncle Sam. The "available" balance reflects this. You'll want to customize the income sources (drop down items) and then add them to the corresponding table for the chart. Further enhancements planned will be carrying the balances forward (if possible) and quarterly and yearly summary sheets. Enjoy!
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